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Traffic Tickets Defense in Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut Traffic Infraction Attorneys

Traffic tickets and infractions are generally considered to be minor offenses; however, the repercussions of a traffic ticket can have major – and lasting – effects if not handled properly. Before paying your ticket (and consequently admitting guilt to the offense you were ticketed for), speak to a defense lawyer at Tomeo Sills, LLC. We may be able to help you fight your ticket and avoid a mark on your driving record.

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Types of Traffic Violations We Handle

Backed by more than 64 years of experience and with thousands of satisfied clients, our legal team can be trusted to help with your case.

If you were ticketed for any of the following, do not wait to call our office for help:

This is just a small list of the many types of traffic violations we can help with. If the violation you were ticketed for is not listed here, please contact us at (844) 913-7747. During a free evaluation of your case, we can review the events leading up to your ticket and determine if you have cause to fight it.

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Turn to Tomeo Sills, LLC if you wish to fight your traffic ticket. After careful review of your case, we will determine if an appropriate defense exists to challenge the ticket you were issued.

Possible defenses for traffic violations include:

  • Driving conduct was necessary to avoid harm
  • Driving conduct was a “mistake of fact,” i.e. defendant made an honest, justifiable error
  • Driving conduct was legally justified

Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may also be able to challenge the law enforcement officer’s conclusion, arguing subjectivity. In some cases, we can even go so far as to challenge the officer’s observations. For every case, there are several defenses that can be applied. You do not have to assume the responsibility of your ticket and simply pay the fines associated with it.

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