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Charged with Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana?

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Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal in Connecticut and a crime that is treated with severity, even in cases where an individual is registered as a medical marijuana user. However, unlike cases involving alcohol, for which a limit is set, toxicology reports for marijuana use can only indicate if the substance is in an individual’s system, rather than how much or how recently it was used. Despite the limited capabilities of law enforcement to determine if an individual’s mental or physical faculties are impaired, this crime carries severe penalties.

Penalties include:

  • First Conviction: First time offenders face a fine of up to $1,000, a mandatory minimum of 48 hours in jail and up to 6 months, in addition to mandatory time served. A judge may also order probation and up to 100 hours of community service.
  • Second Conviction: If convicted for a second offense within a period of ten years, defendants face a fine of up to $4,000, a mandatory minimum of 120 days in prison and up to 2 years, in addition to mandatory time served. Probation and up to 100 hours of community service may also be order by a judge.
  • Third and Subsequent Convictions: Third and subsequent convictions may lead to increased penalties, including higher fines and prison time, but may additionally result in a judge permanently revoking the violator’s driver’s license.

In addition to the aforementioned penalties, a judge may order offenders to take a mandatory alcohol treatment or education program. As part of a condition of probation, an offender may have to partake in a victim impact panel program, wherein victims of such offenses relate their experiences and the impact such crimes had on their lives.

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Many of the tests police officers use to determine an individual’s mental sobriety, such as reciting the alphabet backwards, are often inaccurate and difficult for even a sober person to perform. Proving a marijuana DUI case is not as easy as it is to prove one involving alcohol. There are no immediate tests to measure THC levels, which makes it near impossible to determine when a driver took marijuana.

Attorney Steven Tomeo is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. His knowledge regarding DUI laws and field sobriety tests can be valuable assets in building a strong defense for your case. If you have been arrested for a DUI under the suspicion of marijuana use, you deserve to have top-notch DUI representation. We will do everything possible to protect your driving privileges and secure the most favorable outcome possible.

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