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At Tomeo Sills, LLC, we provide customized defense for individuals who have been accused of committing criminal offenses. Our Connecticut DUI and criminal defense attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience, during which we have been trusted to take on even the most complex legal matters. With six different office locations, we are proud to provide defense for individuals throughout the entire state. By devoting our practice to criminal defense alone, we maintain an extensive understanding of the criminal justice system that enables us to handle cases ranging from minor misdemeanors to major felonies. Should you choose to hire our firm, you can be confident knowing you will receive the personalized defense of a boutique firm, combined with the results of a large firm.

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DUI Defense

A DUI conviction has the potential to result in serious penalties, which is why the sooner you contact our firm regarding your case, the better. In an initial, complimentary consultation, we can discuss the details of your case, provide you with our opinion, and inform you of what is the most suitable course of action.

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Criminal Defense

Facing the criminal justice system can be intimidating, but you do not have to work through this trying time on your own. Our team is prepared do whatever it takes to build the strongest defense on your behalf, and help you secure the most favorable results possible. We are here to fight for you from start to finish.

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  • Nolle of all DUI and Criminal Charges

    Client faces DUI and Drug Charges after Parking Lot Arrest

    The client was arrested for DUI and Possession of Marijuana after police investigated a suspicious motor vehicle complaint. The attorneys at Tomeo Sills, LLC challenged the legality of stop and subsequent search and seizure. The prosecutor agreed that the stop was illegal and that all evidence obtained thereafter should be suppressed. Resulted in no license suspension and nolle of all DUI and criminal charges.

  • Not Guilty Verdict after Jury Trial

    Client arrested for DUI was under .08%, but had prescribed medications in his system.

    The Prosecutor wanted the Client to take the Alcohol Education Program. The client, adamant that he was not under the influence, refused and elected to go to trial.

  • Case Dismissed

    Client faces Burglary and Larceny Charges after Entering Another’s Home while Intoxicated.

    Early on in the case, the prosecutors talked about potentially charging client with Home Invasion, a Class A Felony. They later relented and agreed not to object to Accelerated Rehabilitation even though the client was still charged with a Class C Felony. The Judge agreed that there was “Good Cause” to allow client Accelerated Rehabilitation.

Fighting to Protect Your Rights

Thank you to Attorney Tomeo and Sills for taking my case and being there for me.

He is extremely knowledgeable and very straight forward.

Attorney Tomeo protected my rights, answered all of my questions and provided me with his sound advice.

He did not just walk me down the aisle. He went all out for me. The case was dismissed and I did not have to pay for the AEP.

He settled the other DUI for me. I was able to save my job. I would have lost everything if I had to go to jail for 30 days like others in my position told me they had to do.

Steve enabled me to save my new job. I did not have to plead guilty to the operating under suspension, alcohol related.

When facing a serious criminal charge, nothing replaces having a determined, knowledgeable criminal attorney like Mr. Sills on your side. He has my strong recommendation for anyone seeking the best in criminal defense.

I know my road will be long and hard, but because of your help, it will be just a little easier. Thanks again and god bless you and your family!

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Steven A. Tomeo, Esq.

Steven is passionate about handling DUI cases, because he believes that even the most virtuous of people make mistakes, and deserve to be defended. With experience as a former prosecutor, he has the ability to predict the actions that the opposing side may take, and build stronger defenses because of it.

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Jonathan R. Sills, Esq.

Jonathan has devoted his career to the representation of DUI and other criminal cases. He assists in the research and writing of Connecticut DUI Law, an annual publication in the Connecticut Practice Series. Additionally, Jonathan represents clients against the DMV, and handles administrative and criminal appeals.

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