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There is nothing more stressful or daunting than suddenly finding yourself on the wrong side of the law. No one knows this better than us at Tomeo Sills, LLC. If you were recently arrested, you are undoubtedly concerned about your future and your rights. We can help defend you from the criminal charges you face in a timely and effective manner. Collectively, we have 64 years of experience, which can be used to strengthen your case in court. We believe there are two sides to every story. Part of our job is to make sure yours is heard.

Our Connecticut criminal defense attorney will explain each step of the criminal process and how we investigate the facts and circumstances of each case, including retaining experts or investigators if necessary, to see that your rights are protected. If you are still in jail and your bail is high, we will see if we can reduce it or have you released OR (own recognizance) or with a Promise to Appear (PTA).

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We will also examine each item of evidence against you. If you made incriminating statements to a police officer when arrested and were questioned without being advised of your Miranda rights, we may be able to have those statements excluded. If you were administered a breath, blood or urine test, there are particular requirements that must be followed, or the results of the test may be excluded. We can also argue that there was an error in how the test was administered or that the equipment used was improperly serviced or maintained. There are numerous defenses that our criminal defense lawyer can raise to show that the results of the test were flawed and that there is reasonable doubt in the results and in the conclusions about your guilt.

Similarly, if the evidence against you was unlawfully obtained, we will move the court to have it excluded, which often results in either a substantially reduced charge or a dismissal of all charges. Not all witnesses to a crime are credible and many are biased in their testimony, including police officers. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers will expose these flaws in witness testimony as well as any other evidence presented against you so that a prosecutor will either decline to charge you, reduce the charges, or a judge or jury will be persuaded to return a not guilty verdict.

A criminal conviction can have a significant impact on your ability to find suitable employment, lease an apartment, obtain credit, or to acquire or maintain a professional license. If you are a first offender, our criminal defense attorneys may be able to find alternative dispositions that in many cases may lead to a dismissal of charges so that you have no criminal record at all.

There are often two sides to every story. Part of our job is to make sure yours is heard. Remember at Tomeo Sills, LLC: “Everyone counts or nobody counts.”

We service clients across Connecticut and have conveniently located offices throughout the state.

We can defend you from the following kinds of criminal charges:

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We Have Handled Thousands of Cases

Over the years, our legal team has handled thousands of criminal defense cases throughout the state of Connecticut. We are confident in our abilities to defend you from the charges you face, regardless of the complexities behind your case. Because each criminal matter is different, we create and implement personalized strategies for each one we accept. This approach has led to numerous courtroom triumphs.

In many of our cases, there are witnesses to the crime for which you are charged. Our defense team will seek to interview each one to see if their observations were obscured or if they were biased or mistaken in what they told to the police. At times, we uncover additional witnesses whose testimony will favor our clients. Eyewitness testimony is notoriously flawed, and any of our experienced criminal defense attorneys from Tomeo and Sills, LLC can often cast doubt on testimony that was initially offered as incriminating to our client.

Human error, bias, and even fabricated evidence have played a role in many of our clients’ cases that our attorneys have exposed before the prosecutors and the court leading to favorable results. Flaws in how an investigation was undertaken or how evidence was obtained can lead to its exclusion or cast doubt on its accuracy or reliability.

As our client, you may benefit from the following:

  • Knowledgeable DUI defense – Attorney Steve Tomeo is a member of the National College for DUI Defense
  • Small-firm attention coupled with big-firm resources

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Criminal matters must be addressed quickly in order to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Stalling to retain legal representation could seriously harm your case. Our firm is ready and willing to serve as your passionate and aggressive legal advocate. You don’t have to face this alone.

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