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What Are Field Sobriety Tests?

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In the state of Connecticut, field sobriety tests are a standardized method used by law enforcement officials to determine, or assist in determining, whether or not probable cause exists to arrest an individual for DUI. While police officers are not mandated to administer the tests, they will ask the driver to perform them in almost every DUI investigation. In addition to this, under the Fifth Amendment, drivers who have been suspected of committing a DUI are not obligated to do anything that could incriminate them, which includes taking field sobriety tests. If you were arrested for DUI after taking a field sobriety test, Tomeo Sills, LLC can represent you in this matter.

The three types of field sobriety tests utilized by law enforcement are:

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Complications with Field Sobriety Tests

DUI cases that involve field sobriety tests are often complicated. By simply making one mistake, law enforcement officials can say that you did not perform the tests to the standard. However, general nervousness from individuals taking the test, complicated and lengthy instructions, misinterpretation, and miscommunication can all be contributing factors to someone making a mistake during the course of the tests. In addition to this, the police report version of what transpired during the tests may not be a completely accurate portrayal.

Connecticut DUI Lawyers Extensively Investigating All Sides of the Story

At Tomeo Sills, LLC, we know that there is usually far more to the whole story than what law enforcement provides. Making a mistake on a field sobriety test does not necessarily mean that you were driving under the influence. Our Connecticut DUI attorneys will extensively investigate the entire situation from all sides, determine if errors or violations were committed by police officers during the investigation, and put together the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

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