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Stamford Criminal Defense Lawyers

We Prioritize You

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you want to hire representation that makes you the top priority. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our Stamford criminal defense lawyers use their experience and resources to help clients seek favorable case resolutions. We proudly offer the high-quality attention and legal counsel our clients deserve.

Reasons to consider Tomeo Sills, LLC:

  • We have 64 years of collective experience
  • We have handled thousands of criminal defense cases in Connecticut
  • We wroteConnecticut DUI Law, a textbook that teaches DUI defense in law schools
  • We customize defense strategies for our clients
  • We have appeared on various media outlets because of our experience

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Fight Your Verdict

If you aren’t satisfied with a court verdict, you can file an appeal to request that a higher court reevaluate your case. To file an appeal, you must first notify the state by filing a Notice of Appeal and a preliminary statement of issues. You have 45 days to complete this process. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our team of criminal defense lawyers can help you complete the filing process and prepare you for the oral argument.

We handle the following appeals:

Our Attorneys Protect Drivers

At Tomeo Sills, LLC, we are fortunate to have lawyers Steven Tomeo and Jonathon Sills on our team. Attorney Tomeo is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and has taken the Mastering Scientific Evidence for DUI Defense trial strategy course. He authored an E-book on DUI laws for clients and co-authoredConnecticut DUI Law with Attorney Jonathon Sills. Attorney Sills manages our firm’s Criminal Defense Division and has a record of successful “not guilty” DUI case verdicts. He is recognized as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Connecticut. If you’re looking for a DUI attorney, why not consider the team who wrote the book?

Seek Quality Representation

Choosing which criminal defense attorney is the best to represent your case is a very serious decision. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our skilled criminal defense lawyers customize defense plans to meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

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Trust Us With Your Defense

  • Seasoned

    We have more than 64 years of combined legal experience.

  • Accessible

    We have 6 office locations for the accessibility of our clients.

  • Experienced

    Our attorneys have experience from both sides of the courtroom.

  • Published

    We are authors of multiple books & we are seen as leaders in the field.

  • Determined

    We have a small firm care combined with large firm results.