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About Connecticut’s Expedited Pardon Process

An expungement legally erases your criminal record. In July 2016, Connecticut courts created a new process for individuals to seek expungements from the Board of Pardons.

The Board will consider your request for a pardon without a hearing if you meet certain qualifications [1]:

  • Your conviction was a non-violent offense
  • Your conviction had no “victim interest”

Tomeo Sills, LLC can help you expunge your criminal record if you qualify. Backed by decades of combined experience with the criminal justice system, our Connecticut expungement attorneys can help you get a fresh start and move forward with your life unencumbered by past mistakes.

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Full Pardon and Certificate of Employability

A full pardon (also called an “absolute pardon”) erases your criminal record completely [2]. If you have multiple convictions, you must apply to expunge all of them. You cannot apply to pardon only one offense, but in some cases, the Board will grant conditional full pardons.

On the other hand, a certificate of employability does not erase your criminal record; it simply means employers cannot deny you a job because of your crime [3]. This is different from a pardon because it doesn’t actually seal your record. When you apply for a full pardon, the Board of Certificate of Employability may consider your application as well.

Eligibility requirements for pardons and certificates of employability:

  • You successfully completed your sentence
  • You are not on probation or parole (under supervision)
  • Your last misdemeanor conviction was at least three (3) years ago
  • Your last felony conviction was at least five (5) years ago [4]
  • Your conviction did not involve a violent crime or the interests of a victim

Reasons to Get a Certificate of Employability

A certificate of employability keeps your criminal record from influencing future job prospects. In other words, potential employers cannot look at you differently than other applicants because you were convicted of a crime. It also allows you to apply for professional licenses that your record would otherwise keep you from getting or force you to forfeit.

Differences Between Clemency & Expungement

Unlike expungement, clemency is for persons currently serving time for a criminal conviction. (If you are currently serving your sentence, you cannot apply for a full pardon.)

What can clemency do?

  • Releases you from your obligation to the sentence
  • Overwrites the death penalty, if applicable
  • Reduces the terms of your sentence
  • Erases convictions from your Connecticut criminal record

If your sentence is less than eight (8) years long, you can apply for clemency once you’ve served 50% of it. If your sentence is more than eight years, you can apply for clemency after four (4) years.

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