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Because distracted driving has become a huge safety concern throughout the country, Connecticut has joined the majority of other U.S. states in making cell phone use illegal while driving. This includes reading or writing text messages, scrolling through apps, and making phone calls with a handheld device. Although common, this moving violation should be taken seriously. If you have been pulled over and ticketed for allegedly using a cell phone while driving, it may be in your best interests to speak with a lawyer with experience fighting traffic infractions. Contact Tomeo Sills, LLC to discuss your potential defense options.

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Penalties for Using a Cell Phone While Driving in Connecticut

The penalties for talking on a cell phone while driving are:

  • First offense: $125 fine
  • Second offense: $250
  • Third or subsequent offense: $400

The penalties fortexting while driving are:

  • First offense: $100 fine
  • Second offense: $150
  • Third or subsequent offense: $200

For teen drivers who are caught using a cell phone or texting while driving, the penalties are more severe and include license suspension. In order to get their license back, they will have to pay a license restoration fee and court fines in addition to the fine for the citation. If your child has received a citation, take action to protect their driving privileges by calling us as soon as possible.

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