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Failure to Maintain Lane

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One of the most basic rules of the road is to stay within your designated lane and signal to other drivers before switching lanes. However, even the most experienced and attentive drivers may suffer a momentary lapse of attention or lose their grip on the wheel, causing them to drift from their lane. This does not necessarily mean that the driver is not paying attention or that they are a danger to others, but if a police officer sees it, they may issue a citation no matter what the circumstance.

Officers may issue tickets for Failure to Maintain Lane if they observe the following:

  • Drifting or swerving from lane to lane
  • Failure to signal before merging into another lane
  • Weaving dangerously between lanes in traffic (see Reckless Driving)

Has a Connecticut State Police officer pulled you over for Failure to Maintain Lane? You may have cause to fight your ticket and potentially avoid fines and point penalties on your driver’s license. If you are facing other charges related to Failure to Maintain Lane, such as drifting from your lane because of texting while driving, using your cell phone, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will face additional consequences and should immediately consult an attorney on your defense options. With the right representation, you may be able to avoid losing your driver’s license or spending time in jail. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and drive for a living, it is even more crucial that you speak to an attorney, as moving violations could adversely affect your livelihood.

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Connecticut police are cracking down on any driving behavior perceived to be a sign of distracted driving and are issuing citations all the time. If you or someone you know received one of these citations, talk to us before you plead guilty and pay the ticket – you may have options! Case reviews are free, so there’s no risk to you in speaking with our firm. Our Connecticut traffic ticketlawyers at Tomeo Sills, LLC help drivers throughout Connecticut from six office locations in Hartford, Waterbury, New London, Norwich, Pomfret Center, and Westport.

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