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Can I Lose My Commercial Driver's License After a DUI?

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) offers drivers competitive salaries and great benefits, allowing them to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, if you have a CDL and are arrested for driving under the influence you face fines, a jail sentence and the possible suspension of your commercial driver’s license.

CDL Suspension for DUI

Under Connecticut DUI law, the following alcohol and drug-related events can trigger a one-year CDL disqualification:

  • Driving a CMV (commercial motor vehicle) with a BAC of .04% or higher
  • Driving a non-CMV with a BAC of .08% or higher
  • Refusing to submit to a test to determine your BAC while driving either a CMV or non-CMV

You can lose your CDL for up to 3 years after your first offense, but only if you were driving a CMV and it contained hazardous materials. If you receive a second offense, whether it’s in your personal car or commercial vehicle, your CDL may be disqualified permanently. But most CDL holders disqualified for life may apply for reinstatement after 10 years.

To be considered for reinstatement, you must, among other things, voluntarily enroll in, and successfully complete a substance abuse treatment program established and operated by DMHAS, a program operated through a licensed substance abuse treatment facility, or an equivalent program offered in another state.

While your arrest may look relatively straightforward from the outside looking in, there are tons of factors that could play a part in getting your charges dropped or lowered in court. Did the officer have reasonable suspicion? Were the chemical tests administered correctly? Was the breathalyzer calibrated? Could the blood test have been contaminated? If you’re afraid of losing your CDL, please contact our Connecticut DUI attorneys at Tomeo Sills, LLC to learn more.

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