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DUI: Common Questions

Connecticut DUI Attorneys at Tomeo Sills, LLC.

At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our Connecticut DUI attorneys are highly knowledgeable about DUI cases and how they are prosecuted in the state of Connecticut. Our legal team is well-versed regarding field sobriety testing and knows how to protect the rights of drivers. In fact, Attorney Steven Tomeo is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Please continue reading below to become better informed about DUI and how our firm can assist you with the serious matter.

Here’s What You Need to Know When Accused of a DUI

Why is having a Connecticut DUI lawyer important?

It is important to have a skilled defense attorney in your corner because the legal process can be complex. With DUI cases, you are dealing not just with the criminal courts, but also with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the science behind breath machines and field sobriety tests. DUI cases are considered some of the most complex to defend. Your chances of obtaining a successful outcome are greatly enhanced when you retain legal representation. Do not make the mistake of trying to defend yourself.

When stopped by police, should I refuse to take a breath test?

While you are within your right to refuse to take a breath test, we recommend that you try to cooperate with the police officer. Refusing to take a breath test can significantly impact your case in a negative way. Because Connecticut is an implied consent state, refusing to take a breathalyzer test could result in a six-month license suspension. During the first three months of that suspension, you cannot get a work permit.

How can an attorney successfully defend me from DUI charges?

Our Connecticut DUI lawyers can carefully examine your case to determine the strongest course of action and potentially argue that your test results are not valid. Many factors could have affected the reliability of the field sobriety tests. A person’s age, medical conditions, weight, and the location of the arrest could have all affected the validity of the test results. Injuries that would affect balance, such as leg, back or neck injuries, can also play a role in test results. It is important that you disclose any medical conditions to your lawyer because these also can affect the validity of your test results. People with diabetes can appear to be intoxicated when experiencing a diabetic episode. Neurological disorders and inner ear conditions should also be disclosed.

What happens if I refuse to take a breathalyzer test?

If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test, your license will be suspended for six months. You will be unable to obtain a permit that will allow you to drive to work. The suspension is longer for those who refused to take a test than for those who cooperated. Refusing to submit to a breath, urine or blood test can make a judge or jury believe that you refused to take the test because you thought you would fail it. In fact, the DMV considers it more serious to refuse to take a test than to test very high.

Will the license suspension appear on my record?

Your license suspension will appear on your Connecticut driving record for 10 years. This can affect your insurance rates and employability because it will also come up during a background check.

Why can’t I just entrust my case to a public defender?

Many individuals choose to rely on a public defender when facing DUI charges. We recommend that you hire a private criminal defense lawyer to represent you because a public defender will not handle the DMV side of your case. What happens to your driver’s license is a civil matter that does not give you a constitutional right to an attorney. Public defenders also have large caseloads, so your case will unlikely get the full and quality legal attention it merits and deserves.

What should I avoid if I have been charged with DUI?

Please avoid getting a second DUI while your case is developing. This can negatively impact the likelihood that you will obtain a positive case outcome. If you have multiple DUIs, we recommend that you seek counseling to better understand your alcohol consumption.

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