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DUI Lawyer in Bristol, CT

Charged with DUI? Put Proven Defense Lawyers on Your Side!

Driving under the influence has become one of the top priorities when it comes to law enforcement and criminal prosecution. Today, drivers in Connecticut arrested and charged for DUI face serious penalties that can put their freedom and future at risk. Fortunately, anyone facing DUI allegations has a right to legal representation, and our team at Tomeo Sill, LLC is committed to helping clients make the most of that right.

Backed by the experience of proven DUI defense attorneys and a member of the National College for DUI Defense (Attorney Steven Tomeo), our legal team is able to leverage extensive insight in DUI cases, law enforcement protocol, and DUI testing procedures to help DUI defendants challenge the issues inherent to their cases and fight for the best possible outcomes. If you or your loved one has been charged for driving under the influence anywhere in Bristol or the state of Connecticut, we’re here to help!

Why Choose Our DUI Defense Team?

  • Attorney Steven Tomeo is a member of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD)
  • We provide small-firm attention backed by big-firm resources.
  • Our attorneys have over 64 years of collective experience.
  • We’ve handled thousands of DUI and criminal cases throughout Connecticut.

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Representation in all DUI Matters

Because our legal team is led by an attorney trained in all aspects of DUI enforcement and testing, and because we have nearly half a century of legal experience, we’re able to represent clients facing all types of DUI allegations involving a range of issues. Cases we handle commonly involve:

  • First & Multiple DUI
  • Felony DUI (DUI Accidents, Injuries & Death)
  • Commercial Driver DUI
  • Underage DUI
  • Out-of-State DUI
  • Field Sobriety & Chemical BAC Tests
  • DMV Hearings & License Suspension

Our Bristol DUI attorneys represent clients during both criminal proceedings and administrative hearings with the DMV concerning their driving privileges. These matters are conducted separately from one another, and require hands-on experience to address the issues they pose and the prospects of serious penalties that may result, including:

  • Court-ordered fines and fees
  • Terms of imprisonment ranging from up to 6 months in jail for a first offense, two years imprisonment for a second offense, and multiple years for a third or felony DUI
  • Community service, probation, and a loss of certain civil rights (in felony cases)
  • Driver’s license suspension / installation of an ignition interlock device (IID)
  • Adverse consequences to employment or financial well-being

With penalties as serious as these, it becomes clear why working with an attorney capable of protecting your rights and structuring an effective defense strategy is so important. While we know any DUI charge can subject clients to penalties, we make it a point to work their cases personally and ensure their defense is tailored to the unique circumstances involved. This allows us to better understand available options for outcomes such as alternative sentencing, charge reductions, reduced penalties, and dismissals, among others.

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Our Bristol DUI lawyers at Tomeo Sills, LLC are prepared to immediately respond to your call for help following a DUI arrest anywhere throughout the state. Learn more about the charges and penalties you face, your rights in the criminal justice system, and what we can do to help. Contact us today to speak personally with a member of our firm during a FREE and confidential consultation.

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