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Challenging Chemical Test Results

Can I Challenge Chemical Test Results?

Yes. Blood, breath, and urine testing plays a significant role in scientifically determining whether or not an individual is guilty of driving under the influence. Chemical test results are heavily relied upon by prosecution and treated as hard evidence. However, as the defendant in a DUI case, you have the right to challenge the results and accuracy of such tests.

If your challenge is not about the potential inaccuracy of chemical tests but your refusal to undergo a BAC test, your case will require a different approach.

Why Would I Challenge Chemical Test Results?

Though the science of chemical testing continues to develop, current methods are still imperfect. Chemical evidence of high BAC is also not enough to guarantee you will be convicted of the DUI you’ve been charged with. If your DUI defense attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in the art of successfully challenging test results, your chances of creating reasonable doubt about the accuracy of those results will increase significantly.

It is also important to know that your BAC levels upon your arrival to the police station or at the point of testing may be higher than they were at the point of your initial roadway encounter with police. If you were to drink more alcohol than your liver can process, BAC may continue to rise for hours after your last drink.

The consequences of a DUI conviction are severe. If you are able to reasonably deny the results of a chemical test and provide strong counterarguments, you may be able to evade heavy fines, restrictions on your driver’s license, and even jail time. If there is a case to be made against your test results, avoiding the consequences of a DUI is worth it.

How Do I Challenge My Test Results?

Leave it to us. There are plenty of ways to contest a blood, breath, or urine test indicating an unlawful BAC level while driving and an experienced Connecticut DUI lawyer is your best bet. Our top-tier Connecticut DUI representation is based on a strong understanding of the system in place. Our own Steven Tomeo is part of the National College for DUI Defense and our whole team is committed to getting you the best possible result in your DUI case, even if it means challenging your chemical test results.

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