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Understanding Connecticut Gun Regulations

With all of these national gun law debates arising, many people are losing sight of the states with functioning gun laws. In Connecticut, the gun laws seem to be working just fine. In fact, Connecticut had the fourth lowest number of fatalities caused by guns per capita among all of the states in 2013.

Currently, Connecticut abides by the following gun regulations:

  • The state requires a background check before individuals can transfer handguns or long guns. This means background checks do not just occur when firearms are exchanged between licensed dealers ad buyers.
  • Background checks are required before any transfer can occur at a gun show.
  • Firearm dealers must have specific licenses.
  • Long gun, ammunition, and handgun buyers must obtain a certificate stating their eligibility before purchasing any kind of firearm.
  • The state does not allow assault weapons or a large number of ammunition magazines to be transferred or possessed.
  • The state requires a two-week wait period before a person can obtain a long gun from a licensed dealer.
  • The state is responsible for conducting their own background checks. This means they do not have to wait or rely on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to do so.
  • Any person prohibited from possessing a firearm must be reported to the database so other licensed dealers can perform accurate background checks.
  • Firearm owners must report any lost or stolen firearms immediately.
  • The state allows the local government to regulate ammunition and firearms and gives the local government the right to deny any person their concealed weapons permit.

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