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At Tomeo Sills, LLC, providing high quality legal representation to every client is our first priority. It can be frightening to get caught up in criminal charges, but we have the extensive trial experience to help you navigate your way through the often complex and confusing legal system.

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Despite being innocent, a simple false accusation of a crime can turn a person’s entire world upside down as they attempt to deal with the consequences that have fallen upon them. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, we understand the stress of being accused and how it can lead to depression, feelings of isolation and withdrawal throughout the course of a case.

For this reason and more, we treat our clients with compassion and care and make sure we do everything we can to help them through this process. We take the time to listen to your concerns, and provide you with detailed answers to all your burning questions. Our goal is to ease your mind and remain at your side for as long as it takes to obtain a successful outcome.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it is imperative to contact us as soon as possible. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our Danbury criminal defense lawyers can provide you with the reliable representation you need. We are backed by 64 years of combined legal experience and are dedicated to always protecting your rights and best interests. Let us fight to help you keep a clean criminal record and avoid the harshest punishments that the legal system often forces on people.

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