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Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a major felony, it’s vital to retain the services of an attorney who can deliver a competent and reliable defense strategy. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, we have more than 64 years of collective experience and have handled thousands of criminal cases in Connecticut. Our Bridgeport criminal defense attorneys know that our success is dependent on the relationship of trust we build with our clients. For this reason, we always customize our defense strategies to match the needs of each individual client.

If you require criminal defense representation in Bridgeport, contact Tomeo Sills, LLC at (844) 913-7747.

Expunge Your Record

Aggressive and diligent legal representation is the best way to keep your criminal record clean. However, if you’ve already been convicted of a crime, we can also help you file a petition for a record expungement. An expungement is a legal pardon that clears your record as if it never existed. Contact our expungement attorneys if you would like more information about clearing your criminal record.

We Wrote the Book on DUI Defense

If you’re looking for a DUI lawyer to represent you in Bridgeport, look no further than Tomeo Sills, LLC. Our attorneys wrote the book on DUI defense. Attorney Jonathon Sills and Attorney Steven Tomeo co-authored Connecticut DUI Law, the leading textbook on DUI defense used in law schools nationwide. Attorney Sills is recognized as one of the top DUI attorneys in Connecticut, according to the National Advocacy for DUI Defense. Also, Attorney Tomeo has extensive training and is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. If you want a lawyer who has extensive resources and a comprehensive knowledge of DUI laws, look no further than Tomeo Sills, LLC.

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If you’re seeking criminal defense representation, contact Tomeo Sills, LLC at (844) 913-7747. Our Bridgeport criminal defense attorneys are available for free consultations and look forward to offering you legal counsel.

Contact Tomeo Sills, LLCat (844) 913-7747 to schedule a free consultation.

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