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Driving under the influence (DUI) has become one of the most highly enforced and aggressively prosecuted crimes in Connecticut and states throughout the U.S. Today, motorists charged for DUI can face a range of short- and long-term penalties that put their futures on the line – even for a first offense. Additionally, aggravating circumstances surrounding an arrest can make for even more severe penalties, which makes experienced representation critical.

At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our Torrington DUI attorneys are led by Attorney Steven Tomeo, a member of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD)and a skilled trial lawyer who has become an authority in the area of DUI law. From studying the testing procedures law enforcement use when making DUI arrests to writing articles on DUI law and defense methods, Attorney Tomeo’s insight can prove invaluable to individuals facing these serious charges, and make the difference when it matters most.

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Full-Service DUI Representation

Driving under the influence cases are known not only for their far-reaching penalties and consequences, but also for the fact that they entail two separate and distinctly important proceedings: one in criminal court concerning the guilt of a defendant, and another administrative hearing with the DMV over their driving privileges. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, we possess the necessary experience and resources to represent clients during both of these proceedings, and to address any and all unique matters that may be involved in their cases.

Our DUI defense support can address a range of charges and issues, including:

  • First-Time DUI
  • Multiple DUI (Second or Third DUI)
  • Driver’s License Suspension & DMV Hearings
  • Out-of-State DUI & Underage DUI
  • Felony DUI (Fourth DUI, DUI causing accidents, injury, or death)
  • DUI Penalties & Penalty Enhancements
  • Commercial Driver DUI
  • Chemical BAC Tests
  • Field Sobriety Tests

Because DUI cases are proceedings where individual facts and circumstances have a tremendous impact on charges, potential penalties, and options for resolution, we make it a point to devote the personalized service and attention they demand. This includes investigating all circumstances surrounding an arrest to ensure stops and arrests were based on reasonable suspicion and probable cause, and addressing any aggravating circumstances or related charges that could elevate the potential penalties involved, including:

  • Prior DUI convictions (in or outside of Connecticut)
  • High BAC levels
  • Accidents, injuries, or death
  • Open containers
  • Child passengers
  • Drug crimes (including drug possession)

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Because there are time limits involved in DUI cases, especially in relation to challenging driver’s license suspensions with the DMV, timely action is of the utmost importance. As soon as possible after your arrest, you can reach out to our legal team to learn more about your charges and the process ahead, and discuss ways we can help structure your defense and fight for your future. Call (844) 913-7747 or contact us online today to request your free case review.

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