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Arrests and criminal charges against an individual often occur suddenly or unexpectedly. Many times, accused individuals are facing the justice system for the first time in their lives. If you have been arrested and charged, do you know how to protect your rights and improve the chances of a positive outcome to your case? At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our Pomfret criminal defense lawyers can provide you with the experienced and reliable representation you need.

We can defend you from a wide range charges, including:

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Your Rights Under the Fifth Amendment

Under the Fifth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, you have the right to remain silent. This is almost always the best option, as it can prevent you from incriminating yourself. Sometimes, it may seem as if you need to talk with law enforcement officials. They will ask you questions, make themselves appear to be on your side, and make empty promises. However, you may end up hurting your case by agreeing to speak with them. Instead, you should immediately ask to speak with a criminal defense lawyer who is actually on your side and will protect your rights.

Choosing our firm provides you with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Legal insight honed during our 64 years of combined legal experience
  • The resources and knowledge of the larger law firms with the personalized feel and individualized attention you would expect at a smaller firm
  • Six convenient office locations throughout the state of Connecticut

If You Have Been Arrested, Speak With Tomeo Sills, LLC Immediately!

Whether you have been charged with a minor misdemeanor or major felony, act now and contact our Pomfret criminal defense lawyers before speaking with anyone else. We can quickly consult with you, gain an understanding of your situation, protect your rights, and begin work on creating a strong defense on your behalf.

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