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The Walk & Turn Test During a Connecticut DUI Stop

The walk-and-turn test is a part of the standard field sobriety tests that Connecticut law enforcement officers may give to determine if an individual is under the influence of alcohol. It is generally the second test given, after the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. The walk-and-turn test consists of an instructional stage—where the officer will read instructions from a card—and a walking stage, where the individual will complete the test. If you were accused of DUI after submitting to the walk-and-turn test, speak with us at Tomeo Sills, LLC. We can defend you from the serious charges you face.

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Steps of the Walk-and-Turn Test

The instructions for the walk-and-turn test are as follow:

  • "Put your left foot on the line and put your right foot in front with your heel touching your left toe."
  • "Do not start until I tell you to."
  • "Do you understand the directions?"
  • "When I tell you to begin, take nine heel-to-toe steps on the line. Turn around keeping one foot on the line and return in nine heel-to-toe steps."
  • The officer will demonstrate what he means by "heel-to-toe" steps.
  • On the ninth step, the officer will say, "keep the front foot on the line and turn by taking several small steps with the other foot."
  • "Watch your feet at all times. Keep your arms at your side. Count the steps out loud. Once you begin, do not stop until the test is completed."
  • "Do you understand the instructions?"
  • "You may begin the test."

Seek the Aggressive Representation of Our Connecticut DUI Attorneys

Because of the extensive wording that you have to pay attention to, the physical tasks, and the anxiety that most people feel when performing the functions, this test may be difficult for a variety of reasons other than being intoxicated. Our Connecticut DUI lawyers at Tomeo Sills, LLC understand the complexity of the walk-and-turn test, and know that failing to perfectly complete it doesn't necessarily mean that you were under the influence of alcohol.

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