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Arrested After Taking the One-Leg Stand DUI Field Sobriety Test?

Theory of the One-Leg Test & Instructions

The one-leg stand test is one of the three field sobriety tests administered by Connecticut law enforcement officers when conducting a DUI investigation. It is known as a "divided attention" test, meaning that an individual's attention is simultaneously divided between correctly performing a mental and a physical task. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our Connecticut DUI lawyers know the common issues and inaccuracies associated with the one-leg stand test, and can assert a variety of defenses on your behalf. We can provide you with quality legal counsel if you have been accused of DUI after taking the one-leg stand test.

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The Instructions Given By Police Officers

Much like the old joke claiming an uncoordinated person can't walk and chew gum at the same time, these tests rely on the theory that someone who is impaired and "uncoordinated" due to alcohol consumption will be unable to perform both tasks at the same time.

The one-leg test instructions are as follows:

  • "Stand with your heels together and your arms down at your side."
  • "When I tell you, raise one of your legs six inches above the ground and hold that same position while counting out loud 1001, 1002, 1003, and so forth while watching your foot."
  • "Do you understand the instructions?"
  • "You may begin the test."

If the suspect sways, hops, uses their arms to balance, or puts their foot down, they may be suspected of being under the influence. Unfortunately, the one-leg stand test is often inaccurate in determining whether or not an individual is under the influence of alcohol. In addition to this, police officers may not administer the test correctly and use a false-positive as a reason to arrest and charge a suspect with DUI.

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