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COVID-19 Firm Update

We at Tomeo Sills wish everyone the very best. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all mankind. We are allowing everyone to work from home. It is their choice. If you need to speak with one of us just call and we will call you back. The Attorneys are meeting with clients and potential new clients when asked to do so. In our personal lives all of us at Tomeo Sills are following the guidelines set up by the CDC and the State of Connecticut. We take a common sense approach as recommended by the scientists. We are not panicking but we are concerned. We have cancelled our cases per the order of the Chief Court Administrator of the State of Connecticut and have contacted our clients. If you have questions about your case I urge you to go to the Judicial Website to see your new court date or to contact your attorney directly. Remember, everyone counts or nobody counts. Thank you and God Bless America!