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How a DUI Can Affect Employment & Education

A DUI/OUI conviction in Connecticut is punishable by fines, driver’s license suspension, and even time spent behind bars. Additionally, after serving such criminal penalties, having a permanent criminal record can have a negative impact on employment and education.

The following are several ways a DUI can damage or ruin your job and college prospects:

  • Job termination – Many companies have a mandatory firing policy in the event an employee is convicted or even arrested for a crime. This policy can be found either in the employee handbook or employment contract.
  • Loss of professional license – Whether you are a lawyer, nurse, teacher, or even plumber, a DUI arrest or conviction can affect your professional license. You may need to report any criminal arrests or convictions to the agency that issues and maintains your license. Failure to report may lead to the automatic revocation or suspension of your license.
  • Failed background checks – A DUI conviction can appear in your criminal background check, which prospective employers often conduct before hiring a potential employee. Many employers are reluctant to hire past criminals not only because they believe they may be likely to re-offend, but they are also a liability risk that could lead to increased insurance rates.
  • Missed work – A conviction can lead to mandatory court appearances, alcohol treatment courses, and even jail time. Furthermore, not having your driver’s license means you would have to rely on public transportation or even Uber/Lyft to get to work, which could increase your chances of being late. Being excessively absent or tardy from your job could result in getting fired.
  • Denied college applications – If you are applying for college, many higher education institutions have a policy that prohibits acceptance of any candidate with a criminal record. While there are some universities that do not have this policy, administrators will typically favor applicants with a clean record over those with a criminal record.
  • Suspension or expulsion – If you are already enrolled in a college, being charged with a DUI could be considered grounds for suspension or expulsion. You may even have to report an arrest to the university. Check your student handbook to see if such policy exists.
  • Missed classes – Since a conviction can lead to several penalties mentioned above, losing your driver’s license or having to serve time in jail could lead to being excessively absent or tardy. Not only does this result in not being able to graduate, but also expulsion.

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