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What a Violent Crime Conviction Could Mean for Your Future

If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “crime” is violent crimes: assault, battery, armed robbery, domestic violence, murder, or attempted murder. These crimes are felonies, which carry serious consequences. At the very least, violent criminals are subject to heavy fines. Most convicted of serious violent crimes receive extended prison sentences and, in some U.S. states, the most violent criminal offenders accused of particularly heinous murders are eligible for the death penalty. Although Connecticut is not a death penalty state, the consequences for a violent crime conviction are serious and carry lasting implications for your future.

Connecticut law enforcement does everything it can to ensure violent predators get locked up. If you have been charged with a serious crime, you may be seen as good as guilty by the world. But not by us. As Connecticut violent crime attorneys, we understand you are not a felon– you are a person worthy of being heard, and worthy of a strong defense to protect your legal rights. We use our extensive skill and experience in criminal defense to investigate the facts of your case to strategize a solid defense that will hold up in or out of court.

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Common Penalties for Violent Crime Convictions

Violent criminals are subject to the harshest criminal penalties in Connecticut, to deter potential offenders from committing these crimes. Penalties for violent crimes vary depending on the nature and circumstances of what happened, but these felonies are generally punishable by:

  • Prison: This is a common sentence for those convicted of violent felony crimes that left victims injured or dead. Felonies are typically punishable by at least one year of hard time, but the most vicious violent crimes can leave you in prison for the rest of your life without the possibility for parole. In Connecticut, murder is subject to at least a 25-year prison sentence.
  • Fines: Those convicted of violent crimes often have to pay hefty fines, depending on the level of felony committed.
  • Restitution: In addition to any fines, violent criminals may also be required to pay their victim to compensate them for their medical expenses, pain and suffering. Restitution also may include paying the court costs of prosecution.
  • Probation: Some first-time offenders or those who commit less serious felony offenses might be given a suspended prison sentence, or simply probation. Usually, probation is for at least one year, and during this time the person must regularly report to their probation officer, not commit any further crimes, pay all fines/or restitution, and meet any other conditions the court imposes.

Choose a Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer with Trial Experience

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, you know the penalties are harsh – even if you are not convicted, your reputation can be smeared with the mere accusation of behaving in a violent manner. Don’t leave your future to fate.

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