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  • Connecticut Pretrial Diversion Programs
    Connecticut Pretrial Diversion Programs

    The Connecticut criminal justice system is designed to punish criminals and deter individuals from committing offenses. However, the courts understand that most people facing criminal charges are not ...

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  • The Most Common Holiday Traffic Offenses
    The Most Common Holiday Traffic Offenses

    The holidays are associated with road trips and travel, which means more traffic and more opportunities to be charged with a traffic offense . In order to ensure the roads are safe and free of drunk ...

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  • Hit & Run in Connecticut
    Hit & Run in Connecticut

    A “hit-and-run accident” occurs when one driver flees the scene of a collision without exchanging information with other parties involved in the crash, as required by Connecticut law. The offense is ...

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  • Is Revenge Porn Legal in Connecticut?
    Is Revenge Porn Legal in Connecticut?

    In today’s society, when two people are involved in a romantic relationship, they may want to spice things up by sending each other nude photos of another other or even record themselves perform ...

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