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How Connecticut Police Prepare for DUI Arrests over the Holiday Season

Due to the propensity of drunk driving during the holiday season every year, law enforcement throughout Connecticut will do their best to arrest those who decide to drive under the influence by applying various methods. Officers are trained to look out for signs of intoxication and they use public awareness campaigns to remind the public how dangerous drunk driving can be.

The following are the most common methods to arrest drunk drivers and keep the roads safe:

  • More officers on the roads – Whether it’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day, you will see more troopers on the road during the holidays. Police believe that increased enforcement will deter people from drinking and driving and arrest those that chose to drive under the influence before they can cause accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. In addition to drunk driving, state troopers are also focused on distracted driving, speeding, and seat belt violations.
  • Increased saturation patrols – A saturation point is a police tactic wherein a large group of officers is assigned to a specific area, typically in bars, clubs, restaurants, and other venues which involve heavy alcohol consumption. Compared to a DUI checkpoint, these patrols do not use roadblocks and stop every car which passes through. Rather, individual squad vehicles keep an eye out for traffic violations and typically arrest dozens of people in a short amount of time.
  • Increased sobriety checkpoints – Also known as DUI checkpoints or roadblocks, drivers are detained for a brief period of time and interviewed. Those who are suspected of drunk driving will be asked to take sobriety tests. The locations of these checkpoints are selected at random and are temporary. Sobriety checkpoints are announced online or in the local newspaper prior to set up.

If you get arrested for drunk driving during the holidays, a conviction can put a huge damper on the spirit of the season. At Tomeo Sills, LLC, our Connecticut DUI attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and future. Our goal is to either get your entire case dismissed or your penalties reduced. So, just because you have been arrested, doesn’t mean you should lose hope.

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