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How to Defend Against a Hit and Run Charge

If you are involved in a car accident and flee the scene before first giving the other party your information, you may be charged with a hit and run. Depending on whether there where injuries involved, it can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, which could result in some serious jail time. If you’ve been charged with hit and run, here are a few possible defenses against the charge.

Your attorney may be able to argue one of the following defenses:

  • Involuntary intoxication: For example, if you were at a bar or party and were unknowingly drugged, you may be able to argue involuntary intoxication.
  • Response to an emergency: If you are on your way to the hospital or are in the middle of some other emergency situation and are involved in a hit and run, you may be able to use the situation as a defense.
  • Unaware of an injury: If you did not know that you hit another driver or a pedestrian, you could argue that you were unaware of the accident or injury. This is often difficult to prove.

As for evidence, you can bring in experts to help reconstruct the scene of the accident and provide witness testimony, police reports, or photo and video evidence that may support your case. You can even try to provide evidence that you didn’t actually cause the accident, or that there were intervening factors that led to the collision. Even if you are not absolved of the criminal charges entirely, it may lessen the severity of your sentence.

Yes, hit and run charges may be difficult to defend against, but it is possible, especially with the assistance of a skilled attorney. If you have been arrested for a hit and run, please contact our Connecticut criminal defense lawyers at Tomeo Sills, LLC.

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