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Can I Get a Speeding Ticket Driving with the Flow of Traffic?

One of the first things that every driver learns is that exceeding the speed limit could result in a costly fine and points on your driving record, plus the added consequences of increased insurance premiums. However, sometimes the flow of traffic exceeds this limit, sometimes by five or even ten miles per hour, such as on major highways. Nobody wants to get a speeding ticket, but being the one who follows the speed limit could put you at risk of impeding traffic and increase the chances of an accident.

Can you be charged with speeding if you’re simply following the flow of traffic?

Unfortunately the answer isn’t one a lot of drivers are going to like to hear. Because you are traveling faster than the speed limit, you could be ticketed by law enforcement for speeding. It does not matter if the driver next to you was going faster than you were, or if the flow of traffic exceeded the speed limit: an officer witnessing you going faster than the speed limit and obtaining evidence of you doing so is enough to warrant pulling you over and citing you. The posted speed limit is the limit, and violating it at any point, regardless of traffic flow, can result in a speeding ticket.

Seems like quite the catch twenty-two right? On one hand you place yourself in increased danger, but on the other hand you place yourself at an increased risk of being pulled over and cited for speeding.

Attempting to Justify Speeding

Surely if you explain yourself to the officer should be a good idea, right? Actually, no it usually only makes things worse. Simply telling the officer you were keeping up with the flow of traffic could be interpreted as an admission that you knowingly and willfully exceeded the speed limit. Officers aren’t interested in your excuses; if you’re speeding, they’re going to cite you. On that same note, it’s not a good idea to use this argument before a judge who will interpret that as an admission that you violated the speed limit and are therefore guilty.

Fighting Back

Instead of trying to fight back on your own, it’s highly advised you retain the services of a Connecticut traffic ticket attorney. A skilled lawyer can request all of the evidence to review and look for effective arguments to counter the accusations against you.

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