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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Pay Your Traffic Ticket Until You Talk to an Attorney

Routine traffic stops can quickly add up, leading to unwanted financial hardship. From speeding violations to failing to use your turn signal, hiring a traffic ticket lawyer can make a big difference in what you end up paying. A good lawyer can help get you reduce fines, keep points off your driving record, and avoid expensive insurance rates.

If you are in doubt about any of the reasons you received a traffic ticket, do not pay it and immediately contact an experienced lawyer who is familiar with traffic law. In almost all states, paying your fine is viewed as an admission of guilt. Instead, use your day in court to defend your rights.

Tickets Based on Radar Guns

Radar guns usually need to be recalibrated every 30-60 days. However, due to officer ignorance, lack of funding, or laziness, they sometimes aren’t recalibrated at all. A lawyer can help you create a solid argument for your case to show that the measurement device was faulty or improperly handled by the officer. Some states require the officer to check the device’s calibration after they have issued a speeding ticket. A lawyer can help you obtain evidence that shows if this was completed and documented.

Reducing Your Ticket Penalties

For the most part, decreasing ticket punishments means getting the judge to lessen or expel your fines or driver's license points. If you are in danger of losing your license for too many traffic violations, hiring a lawyer can help you keep your driving privileges. Reducing your penalties can also keep your insurance company from trying to raise your rates, saving you money in the long run.

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