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How to Apply for a Work and Education Driving Permit After a DUI

People who are convicted for driving under the influence are almost always penalized by having their driver’s license suspended or revoked for a few months. While some can get by without having to drive, others desperately need their license to attend class at school or go to work. Public transportation isn’t always abundant, so what’s someone to do if they need to drive?

Work and Education Driving Permit Overview

The Connecticut DMV allows certain people to get a permit, but there are strict regulations. You must prove that without a work or education permit, you will suffer significant hardship. The DMV then determines how serious your hardship is according to their standards. It’s also important to know that you can only get one work permit in your life, so if you’ve been arrested before, it’s important for your lawyer to fight the DMV hearing and try to get your license suspension overturned.

Work Permit

In Connecticut, you must complete an application to apply for a work permit. This application requires you to explain where you live, where you work, when you work, the distance of your commute, and why you need a special operator’s permit (bills, family, etc.). You must send in a $100 application fee to the DMV to complete the process. If you are self-employed, you must prove this by sending a copy of a business income return tax or tax ID card.

Education Permit

If you want an education permit, you must complete an application for special permit for higher education. In it, you must include where you go to school, your class schedule, the length of your commute and how you may suffer if you do not get the education permit. You must also fill out a form for family education rights and privacy, which you can find at your college or university. Again, a $100 fee applies before you send your application.


To qualify for a work or education driving permit, you must:

  • Not be currently suspended for violating a license suspension by driving
  • Not be a second or subsequent DUI offender
  • Have no vehicular assault or manslaughter violation
  • Have no reckless driving conviction.
  • Not be suspended for failure to pay citation or failure to appear in court

If you have been arrested for drinking and driving, it’s important to contact our Connecticut DUI attorneys at Tomeo Sills, LLC immediately. The sooner you enlist legal guidance, the better your chances are at keeping your driver’s license.

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