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Is My DUI Public Record in Connecticut?

What Is Public Record?

Criminal court records, which provide a detailed record of all court proceedings and all components of a case, are public record. A criminal record may include arrests, pending charges, dismissed charges and acquitted charges. If you are charged with, tried for, or convicted of driving while under the influence, a record of the court proceedings and final outcome will be public information, unless and until your record has been expunged.

Unfortunately, this does mean that DUI allegations and a record of your traffic court case (including your initial arrest and interaction with law enforcement) will be public record, even if you were not ultimately charged with a crime. However, your record will show evidence of all dismissed charges and acquittals.

Who Can Access My DUI Record?

A public record is exactly that. Obtaining access to someone’s criminal record, which would include a DUI charge, can be as easy as dropping in at the nearest courthouse and making an information request.

Employers, landlords, educational institutions, and government agencies will often require you to complete a criminal record check. Some employers, especially those who require you to operate company vehicles, will be specifically interested in your driving history and will be able to access it through the court system.

What if I Need Help Defending a DUI Charge?

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