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Will I Lose My Commercial Driver's License if I Get a DUI?

Connecticut’s laws for drinking and driving are different for commercial vehicle operators compared to its slightly less stringent laws for those driving passenger vehicles. While the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for non-commercial drivers is .08%, this limit is reduced to .04% for commercial vehicle drivers.

Those with a commercial driver’s license face disqualification from driving a commercial motor vehicle for a year if he or she:

  • Had a BAC of .04% while driving a commercial vehicle,
  • Had a BAC of .08% while driving any kind of vehicle,
  • Refused a BAC test while driving any kind of vehicle,
  • Has been convicted of a DUI
  • Commercial drivers who commit two or more offenses, such as a DUI, risk a permanent ban on driving commercial vehicles, though they may be able to get their license back if they meet certain conditions. One can reinstate a commercial driver’s license after 10 years if they voluntarily enroll in and successfully complete a substance abuse treatment program that is established and operated by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, operated through a licensed substance abuse treatment facility, or an equivalent program offered out-of-state.

    For first offenses, a commercial DUI may be penalized with the loss of your license for one year and a 90-day suspension on your vehicle.

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