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How Connecticut Law Defines Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence, or family violence, is defined in Connecticut as any family or household member who assaults, harms, or causes physical injury to another family or household member. This includes the threat of violence or stalking, but does not include verbal abuse or arguments unless there is present danger or a likelihood that violence is imminent. It applies to any family or household member, regardless of age.

A family or household member is defined as:
  • Spouse, former or current.
  • Parents or their children.
  • Those related by blood or marriage.
  • Individuals who cohabitate.
  • Parents who share a child, regardless if they have ever been married or shared a home.
  • Individuals who are currently or were recently in a relationship.

There are several criminal offenses that fall within the scope of family violence between any of the aforementioned family or household members. This includes:

  • Assault: This covers a range of different levels of injury, some of which may include the use of a weapon.
  • Threats: This includes threatening to commit a crime with a hazardous substance or threatening physical abuse.
  • Stalking: This includes crimes in which an individual follows you, which causes you to fear for your safety or for the safety of others.
  • Sexual Assault: There are several domestic violence crimes that are covered by this category, including marital rape.

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