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What Happens If I Violate My Probation?

Violating Your Probation PenaltiesAfter someone is arrested and convicted of a crime, they may receive a probation term to serve after their prison sentence or in lieu of jail time. This is a period of time, typically lasting a few years depending on the issuing state, during which the individual must follow certain rules. Some violations of probation can include leaving the county or state without permission, committing another crime, possessing, selling, or using drugs, or not reporting to the probation officer.

When a person violates their probation, the probation officer has discretion regarding the punishment and can issue a number of different penalties. There is no standard system for determining these penalties. However, the more serious the violation, the more serious the penalties are likely to be.

For instance, if a person on probation fails to report to their probation officer when they are supposed to, the probation officer may deem it necessary to simply give a warning. However, if the probation violation involves the individual being arrested again for a serious crime, they may face more serious penalties such as reinstatement of jail time, driver’s license revocation, fines, and more.

In some circumstances, the person on probation may be required to participate in mandatory drug testing on a random basis. If they fail, they may face the same consequences. The terms of the probation will be revoked and the individual may face even harsher penalties than before.

If you have received probation, make sure you abide by the terms and conditions of the order. This means serving your community service hours, avoiding arrest, receiving permission to travel, and completing any and all court ordered programs for the time period issued. If your probation is revoked and you are facing consequences, working with an attorney can potentially help you avoid further consequences.

During this time, you need skilled legal counsel to represent you in your probation hearing. It is important to understand what rights you may have and what actions you can take to defend your rights.

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