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Crime Causing Concerns At Rockwell Park In Bristol

BRISTOL, CT – A Connecticut park where families go for recreation is now the center of several police investigations.

Over the weekend, a robbery and attempted robbery were the main issues at Rockwell Park in Bristol which happened in a few hours.

On Wednesday afternoon, Southington resident Meggan Kimball pushed her daughter on the swings at Rockwell Park. According to Kimball, “They have the water. You can look at the turtles. There’s always so much to do here, compared to a lot of parks, where they just have a small playground.” She said that she is worried after she came to know on Saturday the park was the scene of a robbery and an attempted robbery that occurred in the dark.

Three individuals called police after they said 30-year-old Evon Griffith attempted to rob them at about 10 p.m. Police found Griffith in Muzzy Field where he fought and spit on police officers.

Three hours after the incident, police were back at Rockwell when three individuals allegedly punched a man and then stole his dirt bike. Cops caught up with the three suspects down the road. Twenty-two-year-old Trevon Clay was taken into custody and was booked on robbery and larceny charges. The other two suspects, whose names were not released, were juveniles.

“Automatically, you think, if it happens at night, you wonder what’s going to happen during the day. It makes you feel nervous,” added Kimball.

The weekend crime shocked the parkgoers.

Eyewitness News was told by the people that they are hoping these incidents are just isolated.

Colin Walcott, of Thomaston said, “Make sure I keep my eyes peeled, make sure everyone is safe”.

“I have a good time when I’m here. I make some good friends, so I’m going to stay here for a while”, said John Fitzgerald, of Harwinton.

Patrols were increased by the police and they told Eyewitness News that they want park goers to be aware of the recent incidents that happened in the park.

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