Traffic Tickets for Following Too Close

Following a vehicle too closely, also called tailgating, is viewed by police as a form of unsafe or aggressive driving that increases the risk of a collision. Connecticut General Statute section 14-240 states that drivers must maintain a reasonable distance from all other vehicles, taking into consideration things like the speed limit, weather conditions, traffic, and more. The law does not, however, provide a specific distance that vehicles are required to maintain away from other vehicles, making a citation for this infraction subjective and up to the judgment of law enforcement.

Penalties for Following Too Close

A citation for following too close can result in a fine of $100 - $150. If other circumstances were present, such as additional charges of reckless driving, speeding, driving without insurance, driving while intoxicated (DUI), or driving an unregistered vehicle, you could face even higher fines and other serious penalties, including the potential suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.

Don’t Plead Guilty Until You Consult an Attorney!

When faced with a traffic ticket, it is a good idea to consult Tomeo Sills, LLC to discuss your legal options before deciding to plead guilty to the offense. Under certain circumstances, it may be in your best interests to contest the ticket, especially if it can mean the difference between being able to drive and losing your license. Our Connecticut traffic ticket lawyers have decades of combined experience in traffic ticket defense and are backed by a history of successful case outcomes.

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