Illegal Possession of Narcotics

Illegal Possession of Narcotics

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People accused of possessing an illegal narcotic, or illegally possessing a legal drug, in Connecticut will face dire consequences if convicted. Even possessing just half an ounce of marijuana can lead to a year-long jail sentence. If you have been charged with the illegal possession of narcotics, you need to act quickly to start building a case that defends your rights, reputation, and future freedoms.

Let Tomeo Sills, LLC and our Connecticut drug crimes lawyers be the team that shields you from the heavy hand of the law, which is often criticized for exacting criminal punishments too severe for the drug crime in question. Using our 40+ years of collective criminal defense experience, we can get right to work on examining the details of your arrest, the supposed evidence of your alleged illegal possession, and more to build a protective wall between yourself and the prosecution. We cannot start, though, until you let us. Contact our law firm at any time to request a free consultation.

Possible Defenses to Illegal Possession Charges

There are severe consequences in store for the person convicted of illegal possession of narcotics in Connecticut. Extensive jail time, high fines, seizure of property or assets, community service, and more can all be used against the convicted. To increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome in your case – like a not guilty verdict, case dismissal, or dropped charges – you need to start thinking about how to defeat the accusations now.

Potential defenses for your illegal possession of narcotics charges could include:

  • Possession was legal: Connecticut does allow for narcotics to be possessed legally given the right paperwork is completed, such as pharmaceutical prescriptions and medical marijuana. It is possible for someone to be arrested and charged for the possession of a drug that is legal, but the evidence to prove so was not readily available.
  • Mistaken identity: Possessing an illegal drug means having that narcotic on your person, or within your control. If the illegal narcotics were found within an area you do not control alone, the prosecution must prove that it was yours.
  • Illegal search and seizure: A powerful way to defeat the prosecution is to erase their evidence through dismissal. If it can be proven that the search and seizure that led to your arrest was illegal or unjust, then any evidence, no matter how powerful it may be, collected cannot be used in the trial.

Keep in mind that these are only examples of defenses that are commonly effective. Your case has unique circumstances that need to be considered carefully before choosing one or more defense strategies.

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While many criminal defense cases will go through a trial litigation to resolve, some can be concluded in favor of the defendant without needing to go as far. Our Connecticut drug crimes attorneys have the skills and know-how needed to both fight for you before a judge and carefully negotiate in pretrial stages when possible. Our extensive and comprehensive experience allows us to tackle any case while you focus on the rest of your life.

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