Breach of Peace Crimes

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Breaches of peace, creating a public disturbance, and disorderly conduct are all criminal violations involving creating so much noise or such a ruckus that it becomes illegal to do so. In most cases, the intent of the suspect is key, as it is hard to prosecute someone who did not intentionally disturb the peace. If you have been charged with breach of peace – which could also be listed as creating a public disturbance or disorderly conduct on your charges – you can come to Tomeo Sills, LLC for fast-thinking, quick-acting representation from our Connecticut criminal defense lawyers.

When you work with our team, we will try to establish that you did not:

  • Intentionally create a public disturbance
  • Act in a way that actually breached the peace
  • Spur or engage in a fight or conflict
  • Cause a loud noise for an extended period of time

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Intent & Duration of Alleged Public Disturbance

Someone without the criminal intent to actually breach peace should not be convicted of the misdemeanor criminal offense of disorderly conduct, which could bring about jail time, steep fines, and community service. In Connecticut, most breach of peace cases need to involve a specific or clear occurrence of something that would obviously create a disturbance to a reasonable person or crowd.

Some examples of what might actually constitute a breach of peace:

  • Shouting words that could cause a riot, like “fire” while in a crowded theater.
  • Bullying someone to the point of reacting with violence.
  • Banging on hotel doors late at night or early in the morning without valid reason.
  • Creating a public assembly without getting proper government permission.
  • Letting your dog or loud animal create a ruckus for an extended period of time.
  • Turning up music at a party until it reaches an unreasonably loud volume.

In addition to the intent of the suspect playing a critical factor in breach of peace cases, the duration of the alleged disturbance must also be closely scrutinized and investigated. Most states actually permit people to create a loud ruckus for a short amount of time at any hour of the day without criminal consequence. The louder the noise, the briefer the duration it is permitted. Decibel recordings may be needed by the prosecution, which is something our Connecticut criminal defense attorneys can challenge in and out of court.

Police are also expected, but not duty-bound, to give a warning to anyone accused of breaching the peace. If you do not get warned that you are making a disturbance, then we may be able to argue that your arrest was unjust. Since the idea of “disturbing the peace” is often subjective, you could have feasibly and easily not known you were upsetting someone nearby with your actions.

Decades of Legal Experience Protecting Your Rights

People convicted of a breach of peace, creating a public disturbance, or disorderly conduct are often blindsided by the penalties used against them. For what may seem like a fairly innocuous violation, people have been slammed with high level misdemeanors, which puts them behind bars for a full year. In rarer situations, a breach of peace could constitute a felony if it causes widespread panic or serious damages.

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