Administrative Appeals of DMV Hearings

When Can an Appeal Occur?

At Tomeo Sills, LLC, a large portion of our practice revolves around representing clients who have been charged with DUI. Whenever an individual is charged with DUI, they will have to go through criminal proceedings, as well as civil proceedings during an administrative hearing before the DMV. If our client receives a decision before the DMV that they do not consider favorable, they have the right to file an administrative appeal in order to have the decision reversed.

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Tomeo Sills, LLC: Guiding You Through the Appeal Process

Individuals who have received an adverse decision have a time period of 45 days from the point of the initial decision to file an appeal that goes to the administrative Court of Appeals in New Britain, Connecticut. The appeal will be heard by and decided upon by one judge. Generally speaking, the timeframe for resolving an administrative appeal is anywhere from four to six months.

Our legal team provides numerous advantages with respect to your administrative appeal, including:

  • An extensive knowledge of DUI law, DMV hearings, and the subsequent appeals process
  • 45 years of combined experience in the legal field
  • Personalized attention to your case, as one of our main attorneys will always be working directly with you

Why Do I Need a Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer for an Appeal?

Preparing and filing an administrative appeal can be a complex and confusing process. However, with the right Connecticut criminal defense lawyers on your team, your case can be resolved in a time-efficient and effective manner. If you are unhappy with the initial decision made by the DMV, we can prepare a detailed case on your behalf and work to reverse the decision to suspend your license.

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