Filing for an Appeal

Do You Believe Your Legal Matter Was Not Handled Properly?

If you believe that your case was mishandled, there still may be options available to you through the appeals process. Whether your issue revolves around a criminal court decision, the suspension of your driver's license by the DMV, or some type of administrative decision, our Connecticut appeal lawyers at Tomeo Sills, LLC can sit down with you during your free consultation, get an idea of the situation you are in, and discuss what your best options might be moving forward.

We routinely handle appeals for:

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Steps in the Appeals Process

If you decide to file an appeal, the first step you will need to take is to file a Notice of Appeal. This document notifies the state that you are intending to file an appeal. Along with this notice, you will also file a preliminary statement of issues that will be raised in your briefs, in addition to several other documents. You will then have the appeal served on the other party. After this, you will provide the trial court clerk with a record of all testimony, evidence, and anything else that happened at the trial court level. A briefing schedule will then be issued.

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Once all briefs have been filed, the court will issue a schedule for oral argument. After oral argument, the Appellate Court will then issue a written decision. If that decision is not to your satisfaction, you do have the opportunity to ask the Connecticut Supreme Court to review the decision, and the appellate process will begin again. Our firm can help you better understand your options and assist you with the appeal process.

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