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  • Penalties for Weapons Crimes in Connecticut

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 18-Apr-2017

    Weapons crimes are not something the state of Connecticut handles lightly. Most weapons charges are felonies, accompanied with substantial fines and lengthy prison terms if you are convicted. Below are some of the penalties you may face for various weapons crimes. Carrying a Dangerous Weapon Not all weapons are legal to carry, of course. If you are found carrying a BB gun, metal knuckles, police ...
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  • Understanding Connecticut Gun Regulations

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 14-Jan-2016

    With all of these national gun law debates arising, many people are losing sight of the states with functioning gun laws. In Connecticut, the gun laws seem to be working just fine. In fact, Connecticut had the fourth lowest number of fatalities caused by guns per capita among all of the states in 2013. Currently, Connecticut abides by the following gun regulations: The state requires a background ...
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