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  • Repeat Offender Laws in Connecticut

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 13-Mar-2017

    Eight types of offenders will receive enhanced sentences under repeat offender laws: Susan Pice writes about the CT Persistent Offender Laws. In the Summary of a research article that was published as an OLR Research Report on August 30, 2007, she writes in her Summary as follows: Persistent offender laws are generally intended to combat recidivism by enhancing penalties for defendants who ...
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  • List Of Convicted Killers On Death Row In Connecticut

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 28-Aug-2015

    On Thursday, Connecticut’s high court ruled that the death penalty which has been put at end for future crimes will not change the sentence of inmates already on death row. Given below is the list of the 11 convicted killers who had been facing execution orders in the state: 30-year-old Lazale Ashby will be executed for the rape and murder of his 21-year-old neighbor, Elizabeth Garcia. The ...
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  • State To Assist Hartford To Curb Violent Crimes

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 22-Jul-2015

    HARTFORD, Conn. – An emergency meeting has been called between the state and Hartford officials by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to discuss the increasing number of homicides in the state’s capital city. A fatal shooting that took place early Tuesday marked the city’s 17th homicide, which is a significant increase from last year. A total of 19 homicides were reported last year in ...
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