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  • What's the Process After a DUI Arrest?

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 26-Jan-2017

    A DUI is an arrestable offense and so if you are pulled over for one and subsequently arrested for it the police in CT will generally handcuff you and place you in their respective police car and take you to the police station in the town arrested or to the area State Police Barracks, if arrested by the Connecticut State Police. Wherever you are taken, you will be processed in accordance with ...
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  • Do I Have to Take a Standardized Field Sobriety Test?

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 13-Jan-2017

    Unlike chemical tests, which one must submit to in the state of Connecticut, field sobriety tests (FSTs) are not legally required, nor will refusing one lead to the same administrative or criminal consequences you would face when refusing a chemical test. FSTs include: Walk-and-turn One-leg-stand Horizontal gaze nystagmus Alphabet recitation Finger-to-nose Finger tracing Often, when requesting ...
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