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  • Can I Get a DUI in a Parked Car?

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 29-Dec-2017

    You’ve had too much to drink and your phone’s dead. You drove to the bar, but there’s no way you can drive home and all of your friends have left. You decide to get in your car and sleep it off. Suddenly, you wake up to the sound of knocking on your window, accompanied by a flash of red and blue lights. It’s the police and they want to talk to you. Should you be afraid of ...
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  • Should I Pay My Ticket or Fight It?

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 26-Dec-2017

    While it may be tempting to go ahead and pay for a traffic ticket, it is always in your best interest to do your research first. Paying a traffic ticket is legally considered an admission of guilt and automatically makes you subject to the effects of that ticket, whether or not you consider it to be justified, mistaken, or otherwise. In some cases, you may not be able to effectively contest points ...
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  • Why You Should Never Let Police Search Your Property Without a Warrant

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 22-Dec-2017

    Do you know your rights when a police officer asks to search your property without a warrant? If you don’t, you should. It could mean the difference between getting to drive home or going to jail in handcuffs. Whether you break the law or not, you should always be prepared to protect yourself. It’s normal to experience discomfort, anxiety and fear when a police officer is in your face, ...
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  • What Happens if You Are Arrested for a DUI in Another State?

    Posted By Tomeo Sills, LLC || 20-Dec-2017

    You’re on holiday in another state and you’re driving back to the hotel after dinner and drinks. A police officer pulls you over for not stopping properly at a stop sign and they smell alcohol on your breath. Even a couple of glasses of wine can put your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit. You are arrested for a DUI, but you’re out-of-state. What happens ...
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